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And it wasn’t my electrifying spell that killed her. Not my cutting words that sliced her down for good. It was my eyes- my intense glare filled with loyalty, solidarity, and raging love, albeit love unrequited.

#wattpad #random ❛it's all about the aesthetic!❜ ( open ) aesthetic gif hunts 2017 © lilgroot sd: 3rd june 2017

horror from the story QUEEN OF THE BORED. ( gif hunts ) by lilgroot (L.

“Certainly the forest of Fangorn is perilous… But now his long slow wrath is brimming over, and all the forest is filled with it.

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The chain was too short for Charlie to get to his feet; he was forced to remain on his knees, in a position he knew pleased his abductor, if the disturbing pleasured moans at the sight of him were anything to go by.

The chain was too short for Alex to get to his feet, yanking him down with each futile attempt to stand. A groan of annoyance emitted from the male as he rapped his fingers against the floorboards, wracking his brain for an idea that just might save him.

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“Aidan Turner : There were some great moment when Eleanor (Tomlinson - Demelza) and I ride double together on Seamus. It can be tricky, it all depends who is on the back as it’s always a rocky ride.

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the light touched her fingertips, it traveled down the length of her arm, its pulsing lighting up her skin -SUNSHINE