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two women in aprons are serving food to each other and one is holding a tray
Bonne année....
an animal with a face mask sitting in front of a chair next to another animal
the cartoon depicts a woman with many things in her hands
a comic strip with two people talking to each other and one person sitting in a chair
Motivation, Mindfulness, Health, Salud, Morals, Diabetes, Positivity, Frases
Les Trucs à Faire Pour Se Remonter Vite le Moral Quand On Est Triste :-)
a cartoon depicting two men standing on the beach, one is wearing a bathing suit
Humour du samedi 8 août 2020
a cartoon depicting a man standing next to a trash can, with the caption'l hygiene des franais s'est degrage
BLOG - La stratégie qui se cache derrière le manque d'hygiène des Français confinés
a dog that is laying down on the ground with its head covered in blood and has it
a cartoon depicting a man eating food and talking to another man who is wearing a chef's hat
Imagine if everyone starts wearing this. Hurry Up!!! Limited Time Offer.
an older man running down the street in white shorts and tank top with his leg up
Pause photos comiques
a cat standing on its hind legs looking up
a dog sleeping on top of a couch with a speech bubble above it that says, oh bord l'enfin de retour la maison