tapestry crochet

Agulhas e Pinceis: Capa para netbook em crochê tapestry Houndstooth pattern Not in English but the attached chart is more than enough!

Шапка спицами с красивым узором плетенка


Шапка спицами с красивым узором плетенка

Interesting- crochet on cast on, to leave live edge.

стильное вязание

provisional cast on. Knitting tip i have been trying to find for ages makes a cable pattern easier to start without the weird squishy appearance at the beginning and allows you to unravel the yarn for a seamless sew up later on Набор петель косичкой

how to combine yarn strands to make a smooth, flawless connection.

The Russian Join - How to Change Color with no knot - this is going to need some practice to change colour at the right spot.

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