Video tutorial is in Spanish only, but she goes slowly and the pattern is simple. "Gorros con trenzas gorditas y borde en punto cangrejo puff tejidos a crochet. paso a paso en video!

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What is the number one most important rule of the summer? Stay hydrated. I don’t know about you, but 90 percent of the time I am holding a water bottle and the other 10 percent is spent constantly refilling it. But, eventually, you want to change the bottle. So what do you do with the old one? Throw it away, right? Wrong! Plastic bottles take a very long time to biodegrade (we’re talking hundreds or thousands of years).

14 Cute Ways To Upcycle Old Plastic Bottles

DIY No-Sew Zipper Cases - use plastic bottles. Use hot glue to attach zipper. 2 bottles per container - then put all like color crayons in each container.