Punto tricot

Punto: Knot Stitch - Just the right amount of texture to use in an otherwise stockinette stitch garment! From The Weekly Stitch



ПЕТЕЛЬКА К ПЕТЕЛЬКЕ. Узор "Мотыльки" | Наш дом

Узоры спицами

ПЕТЕЛЬКА К ПЕТЕЛЬКЕ. Узор "Мотыльки" | Наш дом

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Dikişsiz tek parça süveter yapımı

Materials:Self-patterned baby woolNumber three swollenButtonFabrication :Let's start with 45 stitches and 5 teeth.For example: 7 digits 1 increment 1 decrement 5 straight 1 decrement 1 increment 1 straight Here is one example.The samples start like t