Elif Beyza Gök
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Layout of our bathroom. I like shower tile and undermount sink
Arctic Habitat Diorama 2nd grade project
Animal habitats for wild animal unit. Used 4 boxes of same size and covered the outside of them with white contact paper then the background I used fabric designs and added to each area trees, pebbles and cotton balls to enhance each habitat. Children then sort the animals to their correct habitat.
Pinay Homeschooler is a blog that shares homeschool and afterschool activity of kids from babies to elementary level.
Planet Flip Book FREEBIE! An interactive way to introduce the planets and their order from the sun.
Do this as a center with cut and paste cubes (tuck the top in) - side one - illustration, side two - city/state/country, etc... - side 3 - Chicago, IL, USA... Do Chicago, IL, USA, NA, Northern Hemisphere, Earth
Animal continent sheets
maquette espace
Gece gündüzü Çocuklara çok kolaya anlatabileceğimiz ve öğrenmelerinin kalıcı olmasını sağlayacak bir proje
Güneş sistemi, actividad para crear y trabajar el tema del espacio y los planetas