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rimlit: Cody Swanson, Adamo, Marmo, XIX secolo

Adam in Clay by Cody Swanson/even though this is a modern sculpture it is done in the neo-classical style. that means done like the ancient greeks and romans. it shows movement spirit and is life like this what those ancients did.

Snake Reptile, Wallpaper For, Snakes, Yolo, Patent Leather, Reptiles, Animal Kingdom, Darkness, Shadows, Animals, Snake, Ombre

AN EGYPTIAN GOLD SNAKE BRACELET   Ptolemaic Period, 304-30 B.C.   Formed from a solid rod, lenticular in section, curved into an open hoop that forms the body of a snake, its head curved back and projecting outward, the tail coiled into two opposing loops, the scales of head and tail, both the top and underside, indicated by chasing and punching, with a triangular head, the eyes beaded  3 in. (7.6 cm.) wide

AN EGYPTIAN GOLD SNAKE BRACELET Ptolemaic Period, B. Given to Lord Edward Gleichen, British Ambassador to Egypt, in appreciation for his fund-raising efforts on behalf of the opening of the tomb of Tutankhamun.

In Russia's Moscow Zoo, a very rare two-headed albino California kingsnake is displayed for viewers. The occurrence of two-headed snakes are one in a million and they usually do not survive in the wild.

bleedgold: Not only does this California Kingsnake at the Moscow Zoo have two heads, it’s also an albino. Zoo officials say two-headed snak.

"Eve" Gail Potocki. 'Lilith was banished from the world of Adam and Eve but she occasionally managed to sneak back. It's often said that the serpent that tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden was none other than Lilith and many Medieval scenes of the Temptation show the serpent as a woman from the waist up, handing over the fatal fruit to bring about the Fall.'

"Gail Potocki (born Detroit, Michigan, U.) is an award-winning Symbolist artist utilizing the skills and techniques of the .