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Batman, Superman, Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent, lol am I the only one who sees Bruce as a cover hog lol steals all the blankets cause he's Batman lol

They see me trollin' by *Kitty-Cat-Angel on deviantART

They see me trollin’ by *Kitty-Cat-Angel Robin, Kid Flash and Artemis from Young Justice. Okay, so let me just say this wasn’t intentional. Basically I told a friend back in December that when I had.

BUT I LOVE CHOCOLATE by elefluff on deviantART

EDIT: Made some changes after I read a couple comicing tutorials~ Just flipped some panels around and stuff, nothing much Poor KF, he never gets enough . BUT I LOVE CHOCOLATE

OH MY GOSH, THIS IS FREAKING ADORABLE!!!!!!!!! Green Arrow's reaction to Roy agreeing, though... lol

SAVE YOUNG JUSTICE Season 3 [link] Part 1 [link] Based off this Babysitter Roy fic: [link] The Young Justice team gets turned into babies except for Roy. Trials and Tribulations (babysitter Roy) 02