Here’s a quick one – a weird looking stitch I’ve not seen before, though you might have.  Tell us what you think! I think it would look good for a jumper. Also, don’t forget…

2014/77 – a new stitch

interlocking Crochet Stitch - Tutorial ❥ // see also Interlocking Crochet book by Tanis Galik, published in

Random Crochet Patterns With Pictures Found Online #Crochet #Patterns

Easy granny rectangle throw, by Erin Lindsay; written pattern on her site, just click the pic.

Lif modelleri

Lif modelleri The picture is linked to some beauty site, but I want to find the original post of the picture.

Crochet Stitch - Tutorial by miriam

Crochet method for left over yarns. I think you could also use strips of T-shirt or other fabric and do the arching row of crochet over that.

Crochet Covered Stones - free pattern on our site

Crochet Stones Will Look Beautiful In Your Home

Crochet Stones will look fabulous in a big bowl on a table. Learn how to create these cute crochet covers with a video tutorial.


My creative space (4)

My creative space for this week is a granny round cushion. I finished already the pink garden cushion (I'll show it to you tomorrow) and it's looking bec.


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Funny Stuff

Bebek battaniyesi modeli yapımı videosu - YouTube

Bebek battaniyesi modeli yapımı videosu - YouTube