beetle - this makes me smile because we used to have a white VW Beetle called Herbie!

Beetle- You know the summer is coming when the vintage cars and pastel colours come out!

Become A Freelance Travel/Nature/Storm Chaser Photographer/Writer

Autumn Dessert Party With Girl Friends {guest feature

Prop/Table - Awesome prop ideas for a vintage and whimsical photoshoot. The cool luggage and the camera is a nice touch. What we like: art in nature plus vintage feel. We have hope chest, suitcases, watering cans

Empty cages make beautiful garden decorations.

Empty cages make beautiful garden decorations. The cage could have a layer of soil in the bottom and vines hanging down - moneywort or vinca or potatoe vine.

Camera Flair Button

These flair buttons are perfect for all types of paper crafting projects such as Project Life, A Week In Life, card making & scrapbooking.

Make your own beautiful side table by piling up vintage suitcases, and top it off with a rustic mirror. Source: Cupcakes and Cashmere

Cardboard Lanterns

Bedroom Nightstand Ideas: Stack old suitcases on top of one another for a unique nightstand. Then, top it all off with a tray or mirror. Use more masculine suitcases?

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