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an abstract painting with blue and black lines
a large blue flower sitting on top of a wooden table next to a white wall
an abstract painting with blue and pink colors
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a poster with the words hello written in pink, black and white triangles on it
Geometric Triangles in blush and rose gold by UrbanEpiphany
many windows and balconies are shown in different colors
Fotógrafo cria projeto incrível que retrata as janelas de diferentes prédios do mundo
How cool is this, i totally want to make a collage just like this. I mean how awesome would that be taking photos of doors or windows or signs then making an amazing collage like this one!!!!
a bicycle parked in front of a building with blue shutters and flowers on it
Portas coloridas | Studio LAB Decor Fotoğrafçılık #photography http://turkrazzi.com/ppost/325807354276226950/