Turn plastic into milk with vinegar! Awesome science experiments for kids!

Turn Milk into Plastic

Kids are natural explorers, they are constantly thirsty for knowledge and curiosity is their thing. It's really important to feed your child's need for answers and learning new things. As you know kids get bored very easily, so to teach them something, it

Why chemistry is important

We all are made of chemicals and everything around us is made of chemicals. Everything we hear, see, smell, taste, and touch involves chemistry and chemicals all involve intricate series of chemical reactions

Organic electricity...from lemons? - Electric Lemon #science experiment

A great family activity, and fun for all ages, our Electric Lemon science experiment is a crowd pleaser that the most inquisitive of minds will enjoy.

Analitik düşünmeyi teşvik eden 10 takım çalışması oyunu

Analitik düşünmeyi teşvik eden 10 takım çalışması oyunu

Frugal and easy science activities for Kids for each week of the year.

52 Free Science Projects for Elementary School

Density Tower - Magic with Science | Experiments | Steve Spangler Science

Did this in grade science fair! DIY Amazing Density Tower from Things Found in Your Kitchen by stevespanglerscience: Make objects float in the middle of a liquid with this amazing trick.

#Kids love volcanoes - Take a look at this easy to do experiment, and see how fun #science can be!

Jelly Volcanoes, this week’s science experiment, is sure to entertain and have your children erupting in laughter!

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