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салаты оформление

▲Красивая подача овощных нарезок▲ - Простые рецепты Овкусе.ру


Peacock | Natalia's creation | Vladislav Bezrukov | Flickr

Peacock design appetizer by vladislav.m Such a delightful dish for Celebrating Diwali.the peacock symbolizes Enlightenment.

KULINARIA: 7 amazing ideas originally formed fresh salads

Cookie cutter for center. Slice a slit to loop cukes together.

Como organizar os talheres.

How cool is this ~ a palm tree made out of simple, ordinary cutlery! If you don't have this much cutlery, you could always use green plastic forks for the palm fronds and brown plastic knives for the trunk of the tree.

Salad decoration

Veggie Tray Flower (cucumber & tomatoes) If you are wanting to get healthy & you need Appetite Control & Energy.You will LOVE Saba ACE I walk right past the candy isle. Click pic to get bott(Creamy Butter Beans)