That impish smile...same chick, different hair.

Vintage Grunge Dress Dress Babydoll Dress Navy Blue Sunflower Dress Mini Dress Dress Daisy Print Sundress Boho Festival M Medium

Nara Dreamland, Japan Inspired by Disneyland, Nara Dreamland opened in 1955 with an almost sarcastically Americana theme that had fountains with statues of Abraham Lincoln and Napoleon. Always underattended, the park closed its doors in 2006 and remains abandoned and untouched to this day.  (via)

45 eerily beautiful abandoned places [pics]

Nara Dreamland, Abandoned Amusement Park in Japan - 30 beautiful abandoned places around the world. Definitely need to visit these places.

21 Amazing Photos From Our History

21 Amazing Photos From Our History

A model with individuality? There's only one of her- not to be replicate-able. What a gift!

Summer Tunic / Beach Tunic /Multicoloured Silk Poncho by Nuichan

Oh my god, I don't know why, but I just LOVE her!

Recycle your old jeans into a cute babydoll sundress!

there's definitely something going on behind those smiling eyes...

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Who is this girl? She makes even slightly scary prints look international, timeless, and rich.

Blue Floral front button caftan perfect as getting ready, beach coverup, dressing gown, loungwear, gift for her

I dunno, she just kinda looks HAPPY.

33 Absolutely Universal Truths About Fashion

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