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an arrangement of succulents and other plants on a piece of driftwood
"Serene Oasis: Creating a Tranquil Garden Retreat" "Blooming Paradise: A Colorful Tapestry of Flower
a white pitcher filled with green plants on top of a wooden table next to a window
a basket filled with succulents sitting on top of a cement ground next to a toy fox
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an image of plants that are cut in half with arrows pointing to the same direction
Pruning Lavender, Sage and Other Subshrubs
Pruning tips for various shrubby herbs.
lavender plant with text overlay that reads indoor lavender plant care tips the girl with a shovel
Want to grow your own lavender indoors?!?! Find out how here!!!
Lavender plants are not only beneficial, but they add color and fragrance to any room. But they won’t give you any pleasure if they’re dead. So here’s how to keep it alive! #lavender #medicinalherbs