Christmas ideas and decorations
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a decorated christmas tree in a living room
an ornament hanging from a christmas tree with colorful lights in the back ground
there are many different colored balls hanging from the ceiling and in the background is a mirror ball chandelier
~the colors of Christmas
a christmas tree with ornaments hanging from it
Memories of Christmas Past – Shiny-Brite Ornaments - Mahoning Valley Historical Society
The Shiny-Brite company produced the most popular Christmas tree ornaments in the United States throughout the 1940’s and ’50s. In 1937 Max Eckhardt established “Shiny-Brite ornaments.
a brightly colored christmas tree is decorated with pom - poms and other ornaments
Bohemian Funk Granny Chic Dream Tree - Aunt Peaches
a small christmas tree with ornaments on it
50 People Who Won Christmas With Their Creative Christmas Tree Ideas
the christmas tree is lit up in purple and green
coffee and cigarettes
Christmas trees in snow...
a decorated christmas tree in a living room
a painting of a black cat with christmas lights on it's fur sitting in front of a blue wall
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