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Oriental Bazaar Scene at Cairo- Khan el Khalili by Filippo Bartolini - Italian, Oil painting , 50 x 66 cm

Medenine, Tunesien

Medenine (Arabic: مدنين‎ Madanīyīn) is the major town in southeastern Tunisia, 77 kilometres south of the port of Gabès and the Island of Djerba, on the main route to Libya. It is the capital of Medenine Governorate. In pre-colonial times, Medenine was a

A courtyard in Cairo  By Adrien Dauzats (French, 1804 - 1868) Oil on panel…

A courtyard in Cairo By Adrien Dauzats (French, 1804 - Oil on panel…

Alleyway in Jaffa by Dhani Barreñor

Israel is a potpourri of international opinions, debates and speculations, yet with all its coverage, its impossible to experience the essence of the nation without living within its borders. -Gili Karev It's true. You must go there to experience it.