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Sabır Duası

A normal person sees a chick tallying the days in the egg, much as a person might tally the days they are in prison. I, however, wonder how the hell the Silence got inside an egg. - Why would a chick tally the days? Silence is the only answer!


GRAPHIC DESIGN – LOGO – thirty-four logos that will make you smile, funny, ironic, clever logo designs, edge logo.

The Corner Deli | visual communication. graphic design. typography. decorative type. decorative typography. branding. identity. logo. logotype. serif.

This corner deli logo design shows how the use of typography can make a message more effective. The deli conveys the idea of a corner, which is interesting to the viewer and is very relevant to what is being advertised/promoted.

I like the idea of it being "split" it goes perfectly with the word "hapa" = it's a visual play on the word - kalen

I really like how the two letters are split and look like they are drifting apart . Reminds me of sliding doors *ohhh gwenyth paltrow**