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four different colored cloths on a white surface
Cloth Napkins - Custom Curated Dinner Napkins - Blockprint Napkins
We're delighted to share these scallop dinner napkins made of linen! Each is handmade and embroidered using traditional Indian craftsmanship. As with all handmade products, no two are exactly alike! These come in solid colors with a contrasting hue of bold scalloped embroidery on the edges. This custom set of scallop 100% linen napkins includes four colorways: gold and pale yellow, pink and fuchsia, light and dark blue, and gold and mustard. Mix and match them at your next dinner party for
an unmade blanket laying on top of a bed in the middle of a field
a white table cloth with a bow tied around it on a wooden stand in front of a wall
18 Inch Bed Skirts
some flowers are laying on top of a white table cloth
Lenzuolino per Bimbo
Lavanda e Lillà: Lenzuolino per Bimbo
a small blue bird sitting on top of a white bed sheet next to a pillow
Lenzuolino con Nodo d'Amore
Buongiorno a tutte, amiche mie, oggi ho terminato un lenzuolino per un bimbo che nascerà fra pochi giorni. L'ho ricamato con tanto am...
a baby's blanket with an elephant and giraffe on it
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Copertina culla, piquet disegnato
a white dress with pink roses on the bottom and lace trimmings around it
Fraldas bordadas em ponto rococó
Ateliê Laline Zacarkim
an embroidered blue dress with white flowers and leaves on the bottom, along with crocheted lace
Sábanas realizadas a mano "Tía María 1920" - Belen Magano
Sábanas realizadas a mano “Tía María 1920”. Algodón 100% Sábanas bordadas siguiendo el estilo marcado en 1929, integra una tira de batista suiza bordada.
an embroidered white dress with blue flowers and bows on the bottom, sitting on a bed
Bajo vestido flores bordadas
an empty white box with pink bows on the top and bottom, sitting on a bed
Saco capazo Mis Niñas
a white towel hanging on the wall
Lençol para Berço! | Elo7 Produtos Especiais
Jg de lençol de berço Mais