View to Galata tower - İstanbul

The Galata Tower (Turkish: Galata Kulesi), also called Christea Turris (Tower of Christ) by the Genoese and Megalos Pyrgos (The Great Tower).

Galata Tower in İstanul.

Фото Full moon over the houses of the city and Galata Kulesi / Galata Tower / Galata tower, Istanbul, Turkey / Istanbul, Turkey (© zmeiy), добавлено:

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The Galata Tower called Christea Turris by the Genoese is a medieval stone tower in the Galata/Karaköy quarter of Istanbul, Turkey, just to the north of the Golden Horn.

Galata Kulesi by HOBBYISLIFE on Etsy, $350.00

Galata Kulesi by HOBBYISLIFE on Etsy, $350.00


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