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Crochet Adorned - Lace Bowl - CROCHET I’m stunned, quite honestly, by this amazing crocheted bowl from the book Crochet Adorned by Linda Permann. This excerpt has been made available on Craftster.

how to make a crochet doily bowl

doily bowl-I approve of this doily project, it is not being harmed in any way AND is being used with a Pyrex bowl :)

Lacy Bowls

1-Hour Projects

Lacy Bowls: dip the doily into a mixture of one part crafts glue and one part water. smooth the wet doily over an upside down glass bowl with your hands; let dry. Carefully peel the doily away from bowl.

Lace Bowl by Linda Permann from her book Crochet Adorned- free pattern via Ravelry

podkins: “ Learn to make this crocheted doily bowl at Craftster. They starch with sugar!