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two people standing next to each other on a pier near the ocean with clouds in the background
the handmaiden 2016
a woman in a blue dress is standing on a balcony looking out at the clouds
The Best, Weirdest, Wildest Performances of the Year
Awards for Acting Categories That Don't Exist at the Oscars - The New York Times
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La La Land
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two people walking across the street in front of an old car and crosswalks
two women sitting in a car driving down a dirt road with their hands on the steering wheel
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cinesthetic. (@TheCinesthetic) on X
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cinesthetic. (@TheCinesthetic) on X
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fantastic mr fox
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Film Review - Past Lives (2023)
Film Review - Past Lives (2023)
a woman is talking on the phone while another person holds up their hands to her ear
Paris, Texas
a woman holding something in her hand and looking at it with an intense look on her face
One Perfect Shot on Twitter
@OnePerfectShot : SHARP OBJECTS (2018) Cinematography by Ronald Plante Directed by Jean-Marc Vallée From the episode "Milk" Explore more shots in our database: https://t.co/z8qbeAhwjA https://t.co/RD4xGyC45H
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Killers of the Flower Moon, Napoleon, and every new movie to watch at home this weekend