A lovely pattern to knit for a baby or reborn


A lovely pattern to knit for a baby or reborn& pattern consists of a cardigan, romper with cable straps, pull-on hat and bootees.If knit in the set will fit a reborn& or prem baby up to approx If knit in DK it will fit a reborn& or baby up to approx

Yumper tejido

Baby dress color "jeans" pattern by tatiana Martin

dress is knit from the bottom up. Began two separate örgü modelleri yelek bebek parts( front,back) then to join two parts and to knit to a waist. Top front , back to knit separate.

Knot Your Nana's Crochet > Zoo Blanket Base Pattern (not including appliques). This is the base blanket pattern I used for the zoo blanket. I also have two other blanket patterns which have different borders and joining methods.