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Hobby di stoffa by Hdc: Continuiamo con la cucina? Tutorial is in Italian but the pictures show you how to make these beautiful kitchen towels

Birthday Party Kids Birthday Party Aprons Party by KitschnWhimsy

These cute designer aprons would be a great party favor for your themed birthday event. They are perfect for baking parties, tea parties, craft parties, or to match whatever theme you have going on. We simplif

Great idea for the car. Make it larger and it becomes a way to keep wet feet off the back of the seat.

Recycled Jeans Project and some thoughts on vintage sewing machines vs newer models.

Neveras Neveras

No fridge or freezer door handle looks like that here anymore, but it's a fun idea for a bathroom or something.

Kot Pantolon Arka Cebinden Cep Telefonu Tutacağı Yapma -

Made from denim jeans pocket -- Docking Stations & Chargers - Etsy Mobile Accessories - Page 2 -------------------------------------------------------------- Easy to do if you have a sewing machine. I made a fanny pack from an old jean leg back in the