Схемы вышивки крестом. Ромашковое настроение.: Дневник группы "Клуб рукоделия" - Страна Мам | вышивка | Постила


Two teacups. Both have their graphs and colour charts. Says to cross stitch which is easier and quicker than needlepoint.

Artecy Cross Stitch. Colourful Christmas Bauble 5 Cross Stitch Pattern to print online.

Colourful Christmas Bauble 5 - Cross Stitch Chart : Artecy Cross Stitch Shop, Quality Cross Stitch Patterns to print online.

Pair Tree (with charms) - Cross Stitch Pattern

Sue Hillis Designs: Pair Tree - Find the one without a match in this charming design! Pair Tree is a quick stitch and includes 7 gold star charms to scatter on the design.

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