Last Minute Gift – Super Easy Lavender Embroidery Embellishment SewHappyGeek

Thistles for father

Another Craftster swap inspired these gorgeous cross stitch snowflake Christmas Tree Ornaments, and yes I know it's not even Hallowee.

Sakura Flower Necklace Cherry Blossom Pendant Pink by Floraljewel

Handmade embroidered brooches - four seasons with french knot trees

ramo de flores bordado hermoso Was this handkerchief used by Daisy Buchanan, played by Carey Mulligan, in the Great Gatsby? The website link seemed to indicate that it's a possibility.

# French embroidery # Wildflower embroidery # Making a brochure # Flower embroidery props A week-ending flower embroidery brassiere finish is finished ~~ ^^ But it is a farewell soon.

Nice bold cross stitch alphabet with hearts Punto De Cruz - Abecedario Con Corazones Mais

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