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two people with long hair and one is looking at the camera, while another person has their face close to the camera
some people are sitting in the back of a car with their faces painted on them
a hand reaching for some gold coins on top of a white piece of parchment paper
an old man laughing while wearing a suit and tie with his mouth wide open in front of him
an open magazine on top of a table next to a pile of magazines and papers
Crazy, Twitter, Bee
an image of some kind of rock with blue and yellow colors on it's surface
a tweep with an image of a glass case and rope wrapped around it
a small bird sitting on top of a persons hand in front of a green background
a man drinking water from a bottle in front of a tree and grass covered field
two pictures with the same image and caption in different languages, one is purple
a person holding up a piece of art with lights on it's face and the caption reads, american kacirigi 2000 yulinda