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Yurt design: Padlewski and Szeto decided against the durable but toxic PVC wraps that dominate the outdoor building market, opting instead for a tightly woven yet breathable cotton duck canvas for the walls and a single piece of acrylic-coated polyester for the roof. Both textiles are UV, mould and fire retardant. Wool felt, backed with a layer of reflective mylar, further insulates the ceiling.

OK, yurts are no longer a bad hippie joke; they are light and efficient and a viable alternative to traditional construction. We have shown traditional Mongolian yurts, learned from David Masters that living in a yurt is quite comfortable, and seen

Modern Yurt. I like how the exterior is much more attractive than the regular style...(sigh)  One of these days......

I like the grey color. --This is the Dome Home. It is built on site from sandwich section glass fibre reinforced concrete. With a height of meters, 6 meters diameter and, using very elementary maths, a floor space of getting on for 30 square meters.

Awesome interior in a YURT, love the open floor plan in a yurt. ;) And ALL those Windows!! ;)

Yurt for spa treatments on the Mendocino Coast. A healing circle space.*-*-*-*-* This the idea that floats in my mind about doing massage from my home, to have a yurt or the like for massage outside the home.

Festival Wedding Bridal Inspiration Board by really like the tipees!  We have awesome grounds to display the tipees!!!

Woodland wedding planner Pocketful of Dreams created a laidback and fun disco wedding with glamorous styling to make a big statement.