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Prismatic World Tour
#KatyPerry #Prismatic World Tour - what an entrance!
The Prismatic World Tour: Birmingham, England - 05.13.2014 …
Katy Perry is blessed y'all. She's the queen of all queens and the BAE of all baes
Katy Perry's Part of Me movie trailer. These behind-the-scenes concert films are like super-sized episodes of MTV's Diary: You think you know...but you have no idea
A primary poster from Katy Perry: Part of Me (2012) movie. See the photo (#93896) on Movie Insider.
Katy Perry...
By Stacie AnthonyKaty Perry has turned her chest into everything imaginable. Over the course of her career her ample pals have morphed into Hershey's Kisses, cupcakes, spinning peppermints and even these movie reels! So in honor of the bubblegum pop star's birthday on Oct. 25, we've rounded up other stars who also love to decorate their décolletage. Click through to take a look …