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Nice solution for having a pot rack that doesn't draw attention to the rack itself. DIY Kitchen Pot Rack and Storage Shelf Tutorial from HGTV.

Start your spring-cleaning regimen in the most active room of the house. Our time-saving cleaning tips and organizing ideas will make your kitchen tidy and efficient for the months to come.

would be awesome in laundry room - Peg boards can be purchased in your local hardware store or online. Paint and mount a pegboard on the wall in a pantry or laundry room and store small pots and utensils on it.

29 Insanely Easy DIY Ideas To Improve Your Kitchen Storage - Store knives safely in bamboo skewers.

Magnetic Spice Rack Using Mini Mason Jars This is an awesome idea if you’ve got stainless steel going on in your kitchen. Fill jars with spices, label them, and glue magnets to the lids. 41 Easy Things To Do With Mason Jars

Fold down table, now I need one of those: "Small kitchen space solution. Note the fold down table on the right wall!