Knitted ballerina flats or house slippers ~~ Деревенские тапочкиМанишка спицами. Collar knitting

Download video: Манишка на круговых спицах. Самый простой способ

/Neck de bufanda de cuello de encaje tejido a mano caliente para los niños o adultos Hecho con hilo acrílico. La bufanda es muy linda caliente y agradable Tamaño: longitud: 28- 29 (70 ~ 75 cm) Cuello: 17(con un tramo, se extienden hasta 20) ancho: 8(20 cm) Lavado en frío, puesta a secar a mano.

LACE NECK Hand Knit scarf /neck warmer for KIds or Adult Made with acrylic yarn. The scarf is very cute warm and nice Size: length: 70 cm ) Neck : 17 ( with out stretch , Stretch up to width: 8 cm ) Hand wash in cold, lay flat to dry.

Abrigo para niña

Hand embroidery takes this simple knit cardigan from plain vanilla to spectacular. I've saved two or three patterns I could embellish like this. (Okay, I probably have a hundred patterns I could spiff up like this!

103-1 Jacket in Eskimo or Silke-Alpaca with A-shape diseñado por DROPS design

A la caza del patrón perfecto: Abrigos

Ravelry: Jacket in Eskimo or Silke-Alpaca with A-shape pattern by DROPS design super bulky free

szydełko / serweta

How to Crochet Broom Stick Lace Step By Step Guide with Pictures.makes a really thick, lovely lacey edging. I learned this craft in the late and used a real sawed off broomstick!