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This Might Look Like An Ordinary Pickup Truck, But What This Man Put In The Back Is Genius. [STORY]

If you love travelling and camping, this do-it-yourself truck bed is a must have! He turned his ordinary pickup truck into an 'adventure truck' with a slick roll-out storage system.

Heirloom Precision built Colt 1911

T: Heirloom Precision built Colt Special LTW Centerpiece* Yost, JR French - Archive


Double barrel, brings back sweet memories of Red Dead Redemption, using one of these babies on anyone who crossed my path :')

gentlemanbobwhite:  gentlemanbobwhite From left, the .333, .404 & .500 Jeffery sporting rifles

Classic W J Jeffery safari rifles-From left, the & Jeffery sporting rifles.


Novak Custom I'm not a big 1911 fan, but if I had a choice this definitely…

Westley Richard single shot Farquarson action

gentlemanbobwhite: “ gentlemanbobwhite Westley Richards Farquharson take own action single shot rifle ” La Dolce Vita Lifestyle