by Jorge Chamorro Ortiz

face shoes tongue Rolling Stones face art for fun graphic illustration artist Jorge Chamorro Ortiz

collage art

This is disturbing and compelling. I remember that terror of being so exposed at a beach and feeling like everyone is there to stare at me. And yet I see now that they were mostly self absorbed.

Image + Silhouette via Nordstrom

I think that this image is very creative and interesting because the designer made it pop by using the outline of the person. I also really like how the silhouette of the girl in this image is a design and it makes her stand out.

by Franz Falckenhaus

Franz Falckenhaus

"Beach Kiss" by Merve Ozaslan

"Beach Kiss" by Merve Ozaslan I like this picture because it has three people whose clothes come together to make one picture and it has been colour popped to make it stand out more.

ironing the landscape - q-ta

Tokyo-based art director Sato Masahiro, more commonly known as Q-TA ( combines materials from vintage encyclopedias and magazines to create seamless, surreal collages.

by collageartbyjesse

Austerity CUT backs affect nature too as wildlife protection officers etc face drastic number reductions as are easy targets for cost savings 😞Jesse Treece


I think the concept is cool but isn't well executed. the Tabasco sauce looks like it's just floating and doesn't belong in the environment and the drop of it into the river is not convincing enough that it's coloring the river red