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a chocolate cake topped with raspberries and chocolate frosting
a person is sprinkling icing on some cookies and making them look like they are
Cheesecake Cookies
Cheesecake Cookies - A creamy, tender and delicious cookie that's a not too sweet but totally addictive dessert!
a white plate topped with lots of different types of fruit on top of each other
sparkle patisserie taichung
three biscuits with icing on them sitting on top of a black plate next to each other
6play, regardez des programmes TV en Replay ou en Direct
Le Paris-Brest revisité de Cyril Lignac une recette de Le meilleur pâtissier l'émission sur M6
several shots of desserts with oranges and lemons in the middle, on display at a party
Sparkling Meyer Lemon & Passionfruit Panna Cotta | Love and Olive Oil
Sparkling Meyer Lemon & Passion Fruit Panna Cotta - this dramatically layered grown-up gelatin dessert recipe is easier than you might think and will WOW your guests!
three desserts with blueberries and whipped cream in glasses on a green serving tray
Blueberry Lemon Shooters
Blueberry Lemon ShootersIngredients Pound cake crumbs: 1-½ cups Prepared lemon curd: 1-½ cups Fresh blueberries: 1-½ cups Whipped cream: 1 cup Instructions Into 2 shot glasses (each about 2-½ ounces), layer half of the cake crumbs, the lemon curd and the blueberries Top with a swirl of whipped cream Refrigerate until ready to serve Number of servings (yield): 12
two pastries with strawberries on them sitting on a plate next to other pastries
Pâte à Choux: Cream Puffs and Eclairs
pate a choux: cream puffs and eclairs recipe from