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a sign on the beach that says,'take a break from the sun '
Dermatologist in Twinsburg OH | Advanced Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery Center
an alley way with words written on the pavement and buildings in the background, all lined up
Theory of Time
Hintli Sokak sanatçısı DAKU’nun Hindistan'ın Panjim şehrinde sergilediği Theory of Time adlı çalışmasında, metinlerin gölgeleri sokağa yansıyarak ilginç ve keyifli bir “okur-gezerlik” deneyimi sunuyor.🆒🆕🆓
the shadows of bicycles are cast on the floor in front of a glass window that reads think different
Peyzaj projeleri kentlere çağ atlatıyor... | MİMDAP
the outside of a building that says today's problems
Olson Kundig — Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Discovery Center
OK — Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Visitor Center
an open book with black and white illustrations on it's pages, showing the inside pages
30 Creative Double-Spread Magazine Ads That Keep You Engaged
30 Double-Spread Magazine Ads That Will Make You Turn The Pages - Hongkiat
three photographs of a woman doing yoga poses with her arms stretched out in the air
30 Creative Double-Spread Magazine Ads That Keep You Engaged
30 Double-Spread Magazine Ads That'll Make You Turn The Pages - Hongkiat
a man taking a picture of a giant screen with his cell phone in front of him
This Powerful Design Lets Pedestrians Know That They Could be a Hero in the Fight Against Child Abuse
This silhouette mural was found in South Korea. The text reads "child abuse, you can prevent it," and when someone adds their shadow to the mural: "Report to become a hero for children."
two hands holding an open book with oranges in the bottom and on top of it
2D 繪本變 3D 了!另類互動立體書《今天的點心是》 | FLiPER - 生活藝文誌
《きょうのおやつは》by 渡邊千夏 運用鏡面紙反射的特性
a man is painting the side of a large blue sign that says agers on it
Work in progress
Work in progress - Lettering inspiration #lettering
Tutorial of fashion tire bag
俺はモンキー D ルフィー、海贼王になる男だ!Cheer up together!everybody! #onepiece #ワンピース#animationart#3dlamp#papercarving#nightlights#papercutlightbox#lightbox#shadowbox#papercraft
an escalator with a poster on the wall above it that says mundo selvagem
Çağlar Eren Software House | Antalya
an escalator with red seats on it and some signs attached to the railing
KitKat escalator- large format #printing