dress is knit from the bottom up. Began two separate örgü modelleri yelek bebek parts( front,back) then to join two parts and to knit to a waist. Top front , back to knit separate.

Free three piece baby crochet pattern http://www.justcrochet.com/free-set04.html #justcrochet.com #freebabycrochetpatterns:

Here I put together some free baby crochet patterns; baby blankets, baby dresses patterns + some free baby booties patterns etc. Just pick a pattern and enjoy!

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White Baby Cape free crochet graph pattern - This is adorable. I would love to make a nice little capelet, hat, and muff set when I have daughters.


Mint Blush Beautiful baby cardigan with embroidered flower detail, hand knit using soft mint baby yarn and a warm pink contrast. Ideal for baby

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Vestido verde [ "Child Gown Summer season gown, sundress with bonded hook Baby Dress", "šatičky na mimi scalloped hem.", "Lovely little dress.