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an arabic text is shown in the middle of a page with two different words on it
Vuslat Leyla
an advertisement with the words anami in english and arabic, on a white background
Guzel dualarim
the words are written in different languages
Evliyaların dilek duası kaç gün okunmalı? Manası anlamı ve fazileti - DoluDefter.com
Evliyaların dilek duası kaç gün okunmalı
the text on this page is written in different languages
a computer screen with an arabic language on it's display area and instructions for how to use the internet
the text is in different languages and it appears to be english or arabic, but not german
an old poster with some words on it
an islamic poem with pink flowers and green leaves on the bottom right hand corner, in arabic
the text is written in black and white, with red writing on it's left side
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