Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, Turkey

Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, Turkey - used to be a former Orthodox patriarchal basilica, later a mosque, and now a museum

Mont Saint-Michel

Michel, France - Le Mont-Saint-Michel is an island commune in Normandy, France. It is located approximately one kilometre off the country's northwestern coast, at the mouth of the Couesnon River near Avranches

Sumela Monastery

Sumela is 1600 year old ancient Orthodox monastery located at a 1200 meters height on the steep cliff at Macka region of Trabzon city in Turkey. The monastery is constructed on rocks reached by a path through the forest.

Cinque terre

One of my most favorite places on earth is Cinque Terre, Italy. Pictured here is the town of Manarola in Cinque Terre.

St. Bartholomä (Königssee)

St. Bartholomä (Königssee)


Today's round house in history: Piz Gloria, Schilthorn. Today's historic round house takes us to the breathtaking summit of the 2970 M high (that's ft!) Schilthorn Mountain, to the aluminum-covered revolving restaurant "Piz Gloria.

Welterbe-Region Jungfrau-Aletsch – Luftbilder der Schweiz

Welterbe-Region Jungfrau-Aletsch – Luftbilder der Schweiz