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the logo for temple coffee roasters
Temple Coffee
a stack of notebooks sitting on top of a red chair next to a pen
Papier Vibrant Notebook
an image with the words it's okay to let go of an idea sometimes, you have to let go in order to grab all of what's next
QUOTE by Lindsey Eryn of The Daring Romantics
the letters k c are black and white
Logos.ai — @_hardal . New brand identity w/ @studiokozo...
the word traff is written in black on a white background
12 of the best typographic logos
1 minute/1 logo - Agence Cōam
Typography Design - 1 MINUTE Photoshop Tutorial
an open book with black and white text on the cover, in front of a circular design
How to Use Columns to Support Your Design
How to Use Columns to Support Your Design
the words monologues are cut out from green paper and placed on top of each other
felix pfaffli (feixen) interview
elix pfaffli (feixen) interview felix pfaffli is a swiss graphic designer and illustrator working under the name feixen.
the hotel coco logo on a blue background
hotel coco
playing around with a conceptual branding for hotel coco in coronado, california
an image of the words windslow modern signature font
Windslow Modern Ligature Serif Font (1122384)