Erkan Zekiye Gazioğlu

Erkan Zekiye Gazioğlu

Erkan Zekiye Gazioğlu
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Japan’s 25-year plan to put a gigawatt solar power farm in space By Graham Templeton on April 28, 2014

How Japan Plans to Build an Orbital Solar Farm. JAXA wants to make the sci-fi idea of space-based solar power a reality

Bicycle that can generate 24 hours of electricity with 1 hour of peddling. $250-1500 cost

Pedaling the Free Electric for one hour is said to yield enough electricity to serve a home for 24 hours

This project was inspired by a friend asking me to build a go-kart for his…

Go-kart plywood, mostly snap together with just a few screws. Road tested down the port hills in Christchurch, including a spectacular crash (durability testing. Inquiries welcome on this, we would love to make a few

The Flatworks LLC is raising funds for PlyFly Go-Kart: A 25 MPH Wooden Roadster on Kickstarter! A complete gas powered wooden go-kart that is as much fun to build as it is to drive. Arrives in 3 boxes and assembles in 1 day.