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Swing @Pascale Lemay De Groof / Magic Garden <3

For one of my birthdays i received a swing set as a present. I loved the swing set so much and i spent so much time outside playing on the swings. I want my children to have something that they love and will always remember.

Loving the tile in this restaurant. The rich color of the bar really pops against the stripes of tile on the floor. Working on a hospitality project? Go for our Recycled Clay Body, it's durability is perfect for commercial jobs.

The kitchen needs to be well-lighted since you are anticipated to do a lot of potentially dangerous tasks like cutting and working with hot liquids. So an outdoor kitchen is a suitable location for it. A lot of people desire …

In a sunny woodland clearing with a backdrop of redwoods and ferns, the chicken coop that Chiquita and Bob Woodard built in their Mill Valley, California,

The mesh walls and roof are secured with washers and screws spaced six inches apart along the studs. Bright red geraniums in the window box bloom almost year-round in the mild Northern California climate.