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I can't wait till my mohawk is long enough to braid!!!

Everything you need to know about braid styles is right here. We talked to stylists for how-to tips to create everything from waterfall braids to fishtail braids. You'll be shocked by how simple braid tutorials can be.

Dragon Size Chart Card (13 x 18cm) by Anne Stokes from "Age of Dragons Cards" (AN78)

Product Code: Single card by artist Anne Stokes. Printed inside each card is the descriptions of different dragon species Each card is printed in vegetable based ink on tree friendly paper. Each Mais

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Cottage anglais dans la chambre adulte en 55 idées de décoration fantastiques

Watercolor Ribbon Tattoo on neck Neck is one of most noticeable spot for tattoo. When I saw a tattoo inked on the neck or throat, a first question came to my mind – does it hurt?

Library of 60 Base Meshes - Base Mesh Store

Library of 60 Base Meshes - Base Mesh Store