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edging knit -- Extremely long Russian Web page; Many, many lovely patterns w/diagrams for Knit, Crochet & other things.

My Husband Is a Yarn Widower: Shawl Collar Pullover

I& always loved big collars. Maybe it& the dramatic effect. I like something unusual framing the face. Pattern: Shawl Collar P.

Женский пуловер в стиле пэчворк...♥ Deniz ♥

коврики-пледы МАК

Instead of turning to purl the next row, knit that row backwards, producing the same results. Here are a few ways that knitting backwards is handy.

Knitting Backwards: Avoid Purling, Avoid Problems!

Entrelac is a technique used to create a textured diamond pattern. The resulting fabric looks like woven knitted strips but is actually knitted in one piece. This scarf is the perfect introduction to entrelac and is great for beginners.