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Prostitute, Tombstone, A.T. 1880s by NOLADog, via Flickr, we have come along way as women....most of us aren't forced into this lifestyle as these frontier women were....

Photo taken by the amazing Camillus S. Fly, a photographer who worked in Tombstone, Arizona Territory in the late He took many amazing shots of American Indians, white settlers, cowboys and prostitutes.

If we ever meet in real life and you make the mistake of telling me that you’re about to travel, you should know what’s going to happen. I’m going to pull you aside and start speaking very intensely w

7 Travel Tools I Will Not Shut Up About Till You Buy Them (yes and yes)

If we meet in real life, I'm going to be awkwardly pushy about how you REALLY JUST NEED to buy/make/borrow these 7 travel tools.

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Myrtle Corbin, the Four-Legged Woman Myrtle's extra legs belonged to her dipygus twin sister. Myrtle worked for P. Barnum and Ringling Bros and often dressed her extra feet in shoes and stockings. Myrtle later married a doctor and had five children.