Clothing in Ottoman empire

As I walk through, I see many different types of attire people have displayed on themselves. Strange, but quiet interesting but how different people have different attires.
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Ottoman Empire Royal Guard clothing

guard of the Ottoman Sultan in the 16th century AD

Check out the Ottoman royal guards, men they are really strong they punched me when i tried to give Suleyman the Magnificent a handshake.

These figures represent a Sultan and a Sultana in the Ottoman Empire. They were wearing very puffy clothing. Wow! I'm amazed!

Ulfgar and I going Turkish for Night? These figures represent a Sultan and a Sultana in the Ottoman Empire in

I saw many types of turbans worn by different people, like all these.

Ottoman Empire Hats this are what they used to wear on thier heads to show authority or power .

Women clothing were no less, they were just as unique and all women wore very different clothing which defined class.

Ottoman garb Victorian interpretation -- I have a book somewhere with outfits similar to this. and is my most desired outfit to make.

I saw some jenissaries as well today they had a very unique type of clothing, they pretty different to what you'd see soldiers in other places.

this is a picture of a group of Janissaries, basically Janisarries are christinan boys that convert to Islam to be soldiers. Some families sent their kids because they thought that their children would br rulers and have wealth.

Woman there were very well groomed this is a photo of a woman from the royal family pampering herself.

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This was my favorite, this attire was worn by a very rick female widow.

Portraits of women in oriental costumes from Ptuj Ormož Regional Museum, Ptuj, Slovenia. Unknown painter, c. 1682 Oriental woman Persian woman and Turkish dancer Tatar and Armenian woman Four Oriental.

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