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This is amazing!
Bottles do not need to be thrown once you empty them. These bottles can be recycled, reused or made into these beautiful crafts. So get those hands and mind ready for the amazing glass bottle crafts that follow. 1. illuminate your room with this crystal studded bottle light Source 2. no place like h-o-m-e Source Add aRead more
Sugar Bean Cards: We Decided on Forever Live, Laugh, Love wine bottles
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Pequeñas personas, little people
Cage Home_Miniature Model by OnTai
"oh my gravy train." original commenter If i had a mansion I could display my crafts around the manor!
Marc Giai-Miniet - Boîte dite à l’embarcadère (SIDE) #marcgiaiminiet #boxes #jonathanlevinegallery
The miniatures of Marc Giai-Miniet.
Just amazing.  From Anita Leocadia (devidsketchbook: MYSTERIOUS TINY ROOMS BY MARC...)