Clarence the crossed eyed lion ;-) Daktari

Daktari was a TV series about Dr. Marsh Tracy & his family and friends working as veterinarians at Wameru Study Center for Animal Behaviour located in East Africa. The series itself was a spin-off of a movie "Clarence, the Cross-Eyed Lion". i loved this


I remember taking a ten bob note and a sixpence to school in mine. This dizzy amount and a half pence) was the deposit for violin lessons and was to cover the cost of a broken string.

Pony tail, chickie tails and braid holders

Twin Bead Ponytail Holders - wore these in my long hair through third grade

Impulse Body Sprays (1980s)

Impulse Body Sprays (1980s)

1962-1967 Barbie - Platinum Blonde Bubblecut #850

Barbie Bubblecut de 1962 à 67 : pour celle-ci les cheveux sont plus volumineux

De Klikklak... Ooeef af en toe had je blauwe polsen als het verkeerd klikklakte

Ooeef af en toe had je blauwe polsen als het verkeerd…

Loved Flipper. Of course, I had a crush on Sandy, the older brother

'They call him Flipper, Flipper faster than lightening.' everybody loved Flipper!

1960s Barbies still in their boxes

VIntage Barbie 1962 with Box! I'm not sure if this was my first Barbie. I think so, she was a bubble blonde.

My brother and I would watch this Show in the afternoon after school :-)

"Flipper" TV show. I loved this show! Where are these shows at today? I rarely even turn on television anymore. Flipper was in color and we went to friends home to watch color TV. Way before cable or hd

Chupetes de la suerte - elpopicaido

Chupetes de la suerte - elpopicaido