Classic 1950s pencil and circle skirt styles - Can someone please make me one of each!??

Variety in plaid and tweed skirts: Slim, circular, gathered or unpressed pleats. 1957 Tuppence Ha'penny: {Style Inspiration} The News in Tartan & Tweed. Love full skirts and pencil skirts.

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Oya, Needle Lace, Lace, Needlepoint, Stockinette

havlu kenarı örnekleri resimli | iğneoyası sevdalıları

havlu kenarı örnekleri resimli | iğneoyası sevdalıları

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Ravelry: 164-10 Winter Poppies Slippers pattern by DROPS design

Winter Poppies Slippers - Knitted DROPS slippers with Nordic pattern and pompoms in ”Andes”. - Free pattern by DROPS Design

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