Embroidery, cat, outlined in Palestrina stitch. See adjacent Pin for link to a YT video tutorial on how to do this stitch.

Short rows sideways baby vest, round yoke; step by step. Turkish Original. *General* notes: Cast on 75 st & divide into 3 wedge sections: collar (10 st; longest & fewest rows), yoke (20 st), body (45 st; shortest rows); 2::4::8. ~~ Alt. garter & stockinette stripes; YO inc at end of row, bind off 5 on 10th row, forming sawtooth lace. ~~ Work only collar & yoke sections to form armhole, work body separately, once armhole is finished join again for back ~~ KIZIMIN CICILERI: HEDIYELIK PEMBIS…

short rows sideways baby vest round yoke step by step turkish original general notes cast on 75 st a

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Dexter - All-in-One Slipover Sweater Well . 2016 has begun. For me a New Year is full of opportunity, and a time for optimism. I have started the year with a simple baby slipover / vest top.

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Hand-Knitted Crochet Bobble Heart and Bowknot Blanket Free Pattern - Lap Blanket, Crochet Craft, Pink Blanket - knitted: Crochet By Vicki Spicer - LoveItSoMuch