This dress makes me think of all the high-powered outfits the lovely ladies wear on the USA show Suits.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham Fall 2010 Runway - Victoria Beckham Ready-To-Wear Collection. I saw this and immediately new it was a Victoria Beckham dress!

Cutie pie

Love her striped top and bob. What a doll! this is what my little niece willlook like hehe :P

Free pattern for "Zakka Acrylic Hat" by Pierrot (Gosyo Co., Ltd)! This is completely in Japanese...if anyone finds English version please share!

Direct link to pattern PDF. Pattern is entirely in Japanese but charted. This floppy brimmed hat is crocheted with two strands of different yarn held together.

Luxe Asian Women Design Korean Model Fashion Style Dress

Black Skirt Ivory Top Sheer Black Pantyhose and Leopard Print High Heels - ♔ Style 2

Ralph Rucci Spring 2014 New York Fashion Week

Ralph Rucci Spring 2014 New York Fashion Week

Nothing found for Activewear 175 Ralph Rucci Spring 2014 Styles Are All Sleek Sophisticated And Contemporary The Collection Is Artfully Designed And Expertly Crafted See More About New York Fashion Spring And New York

Ralph Lauren ● Fall 2014  Iw

Ralph Lauren ~ Fall One Shoulder White Midi Dress. w White Trousers, 2014 I see suede boots, not trousers

#Milan FW Fendi Spring 2014 RTW

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